I'm at Ivan's LiveJournal Page.

Sometimes I pray, sometimes I tell Ivan...
There are lazy days and weathered nights, or happy days
When you walk or sit still,
and suddenly it's a De-ja'-Vu.

He always had it simple.
texts like: "Labas ka?" or "keri" or "lolz"?
"Fluxxe ka?"...
And I'm gonna watch DVD now and it sucks that I miss watching dvd's with him.

Ivan, your sister feels a bit lost sometimes
And sometimes we just couldn't extend that much,
We're.... kind of still feeling a loss or lost, as well.
You have to snap her out, Ivan.

As for us,
I hope sometimes I can take it positively,
that it teaches lessons or dah dah dah.

And I've got what?
50 more years to live and remember you?
Ivan, I've a favor, some more lights for all of us?
I think it's a fair deal...

Now I never wonder why sometimes there are no stars in the sky,
To extend light is weakening...
you can only have so much,
that you'd need to hide in a gray, gray sky.

I miss myself with you,
with everyone with you.

Tonight I will dream to see you and ask you to go, we have to all set ourselves free...
Tomorrow will shift the future.
Our loves will remain.

Heavy hearts, like heavy clouds in the sky, are best relieved by the letting of a little water. - Antoine Rivarol

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