Rubbish Youtube thing.

Listen to this and you will feel if not a bit enlightened, perhaps questioning...

After looking at the point of views, they were all rubbish rationalization via stating facts. I've read the Bible, I practice Buddhism as well, and trying to learn Kabbalah.

I'm no Theologian, in fact, Its far off my career. I don't know if you see yourself as one, but you know what? reading all these religion books have only lead me to one point, that there is that One that has got to be there.

True? Yeah. Why do you think the word "Faith" was made? Well maybe mine is vague for following three types of religion/practices, But it has lead me to believe that there's got to be someone out there helping us... least its what it all says. :)

You want it Scientific? Fine. Easy. Statistically count your good days over your bad ones, emotionally or physically. Say what, more good days?

Get loose with God, man, focus on something else like looking at the sky, or maybe lay down a tree, appreciate how green leaves are... you will see that even a Lemon Tree, is cute in its own ways. :)

I wish you Faith.

"For what matters is counting what is GOOD, and you'll see that there is more, it's kinda called LOVE."

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