The Oscars/ Velvet Tribute.

I'm a man who is afraid of too much lights.
It blinds you.

As even before, thus was told by Jose Rizal's
The Moth and the Candle.

Just this March 4, 2010
Ayala Museum, Velvet Channel has staged their 2nd Annual Oscars Tribute.
Amongst anything else that whole day, 
I did nothing but pray.

And I made it.  Seriously made it.
Friends RCXY & SuperStarlet asked me yesterday,
You didn't get the Gold man.
Certainly, I never did get Gold, I got MORE; I said.

I got the Bronze.
I got the Dymanic Duo (Best Actors) Award.
Lastly: Best Photographer.
That was 3, in 1 night, in the 2nd year.

Happy, Proud, Humbled by a fame,
That I've coveted for.
What is that exactly?
The 1st Back to Back Winning Stylist.

That is when I say,

I hate, hate, hate to brag.
But I never knew such things can happen to me.
Actually, all of these?
This is not I want for me. I need, yeah.

I wanted to win.
So I can validate myself.
From being 1 of THE TEN TERNO's of Metropolitan Museum then,
I got Gold in Asian Food Channel's Food Styling Competition 2009
I got Silver for Ayala Museum's 2009 Competition
I got Bronze and 2 special awards this year's Ayala Museum Competition 2010.

I never fail myself; 
that makes me, my friends, my family, and mentors better.
Funny how people think I'm not in love.
Then... How could I have won... :)

Friends, I bring you my latest Piece De Resistance: THE TITANIC
FYI: I hate Titanic! Major!
Inspiration: The Old Rose in the movie, she left me a phrase,

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