Got me Bette Davis eyes...

Yes I'm tired.
Thats how I want to start with my post.
It has been a while, Journal, since our last conversation,
Needless to say you know I'm doing "good" or even, "great".
It suddenly dawned on me, that these things aren't me.
No. "I" am not good, "I" am not great.
I feel so lost that I didn't know what to really talk about first.
And these uncertainties, echoes my silence.
I am so self-absorbed that I think I can always help myself,
Truth is, If a lamb roars like a lion, can you make doves cry?
So, Where is this all coming from?
I am coming from the fact, that at this point,
I can spell Success, maybe not in everybody's description,
But even my dreams, have never come this far. :)
I know some people that looks at my journal, they think I'm emo, dark, twisty...
Then there are those, who enjoys a naked soul.
If I say these are facts, you might believe it.
Thus if I say this is fiction, you then might believe it as well.
As this is being written, I'm counting the coins in my "Alkansya".
Or, before I started writing, I started first with counting my coins?
Deadma, thing is, I'm 29, and fair enough, I'm exhaustedly happy,
Happy enough to make my father proud. That good.
I had 4 hours of nice nap, no dreaming, no nightmares.
Just a surprisingly nice nap.
Yesterday, I tweeted everybody to make a wish.
I did not. But it would explain my sleep. I'm certain.
I was joking with a friend when I told him,
"Man, You've got a baggage over there..."
He backfired with the same words,
He cares.
If we ever get there?
Should we ever get there.
You think there really is "nobody but you?"
Don't worry, it scared me as well.
For now, we ride, we ride, we ride...

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