Manila Design Week 2: Creative Collaboration

You see the Guys behind that?
They are people who are dedicated,
set hunger aside,
are dedicated to Art.

I never knew I'd be in the pool,
for the record, "The Stylist Millet Arzaga" makes me shrink.
And "The Elitist Stylist Michael Salientes" makes me bow down whenever I pass by him
In short, I'm madly humbled to be a part of it.

I had to take a mindset.
What am I made of?
What defines my style?
Who is Lotholotho as an art advocate?

Remember my Sensei's teachings...
Once I was asked by my Fashion Father Roby Carmona,
during a Coffee Break Time in between choosing Marc by Marc Jacobs opening.
(Bryanboy, thanks for coming, The SSI people were pleased that you did not refuse their invitation)
What is it that you want to do with your ambition?
I answered, Uncertain, but describable, "Artist" I said bravely.
He nodded... Because he believed.

Once Dennis Lustico told me on an anonymous visit to his shop,
"Always remember, it always has to be a "Celebration of Life".

Avant Gardian Gerry Katigbak and Ignacio Loyola; "Craftsmanship"
Cristina Daniac; "Bold"
and Norman Noriega; "never forget to be in love."
Rajo Laurel once told me, "There's something in you that makes me believe in you,
I have lost several competitions as you did, and believe me, the lessons are better than the trophies."

And whenever I see Visionaire Ariel Lozada's smile from afar?
you know that head nod left-right -tsk-tsk-tsk smile? :)

Joyce Fernandez was a silent gun,
But to meet her to first see the 1st Imagine Mag.
"She said, i love you for flipping the page from back to front."

Came The Oscar's Tribute,
Which entitled me the Silver Chair.
I was shooting for an Int'l cover recently,
when Isabel Roces told me, that it was really a close fight. :)

It's starting to become a Thank You speech,
Indeed, I am Grateful. And Validated.
I welcome myself to Fashion and Art.
Teachers, Blogfolks, this is Creative Collaboration.

Xeng Zulueta- Make-Up, Team Leader
Lotho- stylist
Jake Versoza- Photographer
Yodel Pe- Graphic Designer
HOW TO.... , simple and basic.
A strong concept that ties all three ideas together.
Following this, our work had become more personal, and every piece and typography hand-crafted.
All 3 works are interactive, engaging the viewer to participate .
We want our work to be visual as well as spatial.

A highschool kid, was standing there beside me,
she told me, hey, are you selling this book ?(origami manual)
I said, no, it was a gift from my team mate Yodel Pe to come up w/ the kindergarten book. :)
Lesson: Never underestimate the GG gen, she told me, you know you could share this... :)
I gave her my number and promised to owe her one.

The 2nd piece was about Jake Versoza's vision:
How to think out of the box, when you look at the 3d glasses, you'll see the word "SEE"
I used Swarovski as my medium, and Xeng Zulueta painted like Monet... there was a message of earth in her palette...
Diane Arbus said: "A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know." Jake Versoza is my favorite crush...

The 3rd piece was a Shoutout of stickers, as the exhibit had started, it was an "and?" picture, yet towards the ends of the exhibit, the picture has evolved in to what emotions the viewers did have... unleashing everybody through self expression. Yodel Pe's piece was interesting, if there was a timelapse video, it is a picture w motion.

Amongst all the entries.
The only one i loved was Millet Arzaga's artwork. the point again, "Composition". as if their team made their artworks with eyes closed... In contrast to our Craftsmanship, they aimed for Depth. Our picture moves, while theirs don't. But they're messages did. Treasure. She, (as my knees were shaking), called me (for the first time), and told me, hey, i wa't you to meet my friends, She introduced me to the blind guys, I shook all their hands pleasantly, I kept on Nodding, Audrey, Millet's Co-stylist said, stop nodding na, they don't see you, I said tacky as I am, "Ay soory, I just got accustomed." I had a few chats with them, and I was wearing "twigs" on my head, and they wanted to have a touch, no big deal, I said.

They touched my head dress, and asked, are you a part of something environmentalist?
Yes, I said, just tryin' it, it is not easy i said, but, I've so far, surpassed several projects though.
The laughing was Ingenue, in my mind, I was thanking Millet,
thinking she is my Diana Vreeland, as far as my Isabella Blow feeling is.

It was one great day to celebrate life.
It was a great day to celebrate.
It was a great day...

Art 4 All,

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