Maria Corazon "Cory" Cojuangco Aquino (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009)

A President of the Philippines and a world-renowned advocate of democracy, peace, women's empowerment, and religious piety.

She served as the 11th president of the Philippines from 1986 to 1992. She was the 1st female President of the Philippines and was Asia's first female president.

Mrs Aquino, died on August 1, 2009 after suffering from colon cancer. - Wikipedia.Org

Just to share how mooooved I am as history is being written and a future is unfolding, that We should be proud for having her." As far as I can think, there were only 3 prominent personalities I lamented for. Namely Isabella Blow, Pope John Paul, and the present. It's odd to say what I've found in them, there was one common thing... "Faith".

I was watching The Buzz without a blink, I skipped my lunch as I was so eager to watch, like a 3 year old kid craving for his PSP. It was worth the while, Indeed. And at the 1st commercial gap, I just had to light 8 incenses for Her... There were a lot of remarkable words from Kris Aquino, I mean I've always admired her, but today, she was "Brilliant".

She breathe her last... and it was so peaceful." - Kris Aquino

"Are you seeing Dad, Mom? You may hold his hand..." - Kris Aquino

"Make sure Josh blows his 2 candles on his birthday. :)"

"I will be there for your daughter." - Boy Abunda

From the very 1st moment she swore Presidency to help us race through democracy, Her only armor was prayer.

I Love her.
I admire her, I certainly am gonna miss her...

She is my living proof that flowers do overpower guns, and that faith was enough... and how her Husband was there to hold her hand to the end? They call it Love... :)

She had much faith in Kris as well, Kris does really have that gift of "National Fascination". Corazon Aquino is a Visionare, and maybe she has seen how Kris can bring glory to our Nation.

Kris Aquino is a "Woman" by all means and definition, and how Cory said Kris is quite materialistic for the throne? Taking the lighter side, thus, is Kris Aquino's "edge"... and now that she has seen its wisdom, she will be ready. I have no doubt that I will be here in my Country when Kris Aquino is the President of this Republic, It would be like having a Rosary made of Diamonds... Your Mother is really very proud of you in so many ways.

“As I came to power peacefully, so shall I keep it.”

My condolences to The Republic, and to the Family.

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