Animal Unleashed- Jake Galvez

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"The Arrival of Jake Galvez"
"Collaboration"... people ask, thus, where is the creative collaboration within thy works?

I simply answered, "it was a Fez 2 Fez."

From my eyes, I interpreted who is "Jake Galvez" as a person, and as a craftsman.... what he is made of... what he could be... the bugs in my head say's "Can you keep up?"

He was in for the "Roars of the Lions"
If I was Madonna, I'd sing you "Give it to me!"

So, some tweets, some lady gaga bonding, and just
before the exhibit, I had a chance to work with him,
like 2 days before the exhibit, w/ Raymund Isaac...that fast.
Nobody would argue that a certain Raymund Isaac,
indeed, is one of the greatest validations in the Lens World.

My mind said that Jake's like an animal unleashing,
he may be a damsel in distress, but who's not when the pressure is on you?
Throwing an exhibit is no joke,
Thus, We raise our Moet's to Jake Galvez.

Why I never did a portrait?
If this is Slumdog Millionaire, the answer is "D. He cheated."
But no, I did not cheat.
Everybody, I felt was "Outside the Box"
So, I had to take him "Inside the Box"
Master the basics.

I choose "Craftsmanship",
before everybody forgets it...
There are rules, but its up to us to obey.

At the end of the party,
you can certainly see how he is tired,
But we were all there sending our love.
As he went home before us,
My impression for Jake Galvez, was a notch higher.
For his feet was grounded, to the end of the party...


credits to Foxxe Marquez for the picture. ;)

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