La Lune

I think today would be my first day of rest since the whole year...
I feel Summer in this warm, windy nights...
I feel great getting caught in the rain,
I feel no worries or whatever,
Needless to say,
I am grateful for all the fulfillment's.

I'm currently on my couch,
thinking of "nothing..."
It's a world splendid.
It makes me smile, and real fly!

It's a world we all have,
And at most of times,
You need a touch base,
where "nothing" is "everything"...

For whatever it is in my heart right now,
can you keep it there for a while? or for some time?
Come on, I seldom wish, you know that.
For somebody who's got no walls, for whatever its worth...

And to end this, yeah, I am alone,
The being alone walking, that li'l cup of coffee...
The time alone, to think about ourselves,
It's what you be might missing, as dreams, are just a pair of shoes away...

Just got lucky.

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