About My Man.

at this moment I am writing this,
My Dad is getting his CT Scan.
He was rushed last night for a mild stroke.
My brother said Dad couldn't talk.
I told them to rush him to the hospital,
Keep him looking at you, and conscious...
I went home to finish my work,
yes, that was the only thing I did.
I never stopped for a single moment to just sigh
or breathe...
I don't even know I was roughly done with what I'm doing.
I'm not sure to go today, even if I'd love to.
Idon't wanna make him feel happy in the hospital that I'm there.
I want him to go back home alive, and lecture me,
or give me a cold treatment.
Yes, that's how I plan to keep him alive.
And that, shall keep me alive too.
There goes a feeling of a gay son of 20 kids, you being the middle child
Of 5 Concubines
Of a Chinese Dad.
So, probably
Just maybe probably,
I can have a drink of water at least?
I couldn't even look at the Sun now.
And there goes a 5 minutes of how it felt.

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