Easier sort of fashion...

"If we're all alone,
Maybe, just maybe,
We're all alone in this together too."

Its Holy Week Season.
Generally I just miss everyone,
and that includes me, myself and I...
I'm off to the beach by Wednesday,
Excited, yeah
And how it's gonna turn out,
I will see.

Can't wait to embrace the Sun once more
And to leave the Metro. Toxic Metro. Or at least toxic me. :)

Funny how I've always loved this life...
Trashy, Beautiful Mess seemingly,
but maybe that's just how it is,
I never prayed for a boring life indeed.

I'm glad to go sunbathing.
It brings me to myself...
It's a place where I dunno....
Peace? or something. It's like praying.

Soul searching on holy week by the beach is indeed a cliche'.
Cliche's are cliche's are cliche's because they work.
Indeed you wont find all the answers,
Its....just nice. Give it a go, young lad. ;)

Photo by: Raymond Isaac
Top: Geoff @ I Love You, Cubao X

"Have no fear of perfection,

You will never reach it."
-Salvador Dali

Everybody have fun!

music: The Beatles; Obladi-Oblada

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