The thing about a birthday...

Birthdays, and for some sorts, celebrations, I'm never a fan, and I actually hate the word Cliche. Grinch as it may seem, or suffering myself from my own foolishness or be it be bleeding love, it doesn't matter. I was at my place making clothes, and stupid thinking even led me to just stay home, be a hermit, make some more clothes and just not.

But then a Birthday Cake arrived in front of my door. Sweet. Yes, indeed. And that was, and that is, and maybe will be my reason to celebrate every year. Because there are peole out there that knows, everybody deserves a Happy Birthday.

Pulled a smiling face, went out the whoooooole week and tried to see every person I could, and would. Danced. Partied. And this big cheat, kinda worked. For me.

A lot and I mean a lot asked me what my Birthday Wish is, I always try to answer with a blaring eye, or a shoulder gesture, or I dunno. I answered to one person, and I just said, "Alam na nya yun, he always does".

I'm savin' up even for a Birthday Wish. Laughing out loud, is this even a part of recession? KALORKEE. Nah, I'll maybe avail of my birthday wish some other time.... He'd know when I tell.

Because, I just pulled up a smiling face...
And I went out the whole week....
And seen everyone I would and I could...
Because I danced.
I partied.
And this big cheat, IT IS WRITTEN.

So here's to me, you go have fun young man. ;)


Oo nga pala, to everybody who has greeted me, and never failed me, you guys have a good heart... :)

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