The Stylist's STYLISTS.

Shahani Gania

Everywhere we Shoot!
GOLD: Bea Constantino

Franco Saycon

Erika Paredes

Sidney Yap

BRONZE: Rex Atienza

Sidney Yap

Ma. Cristina Daniac

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: Bianca Santiago

My Baby....
My Talak...
and my craft:

Nothing like winning. :) Now why do we blog this? There are like A Million stylists' in the world, thing is, it is not everyday that they get to be launched in Museums. I hope this is a sudden recognition that some time sooner, it will be defined, the word being, Stylist.

Now why did Rex bag Bronze: "Luxury"
Why was I Silver: "Craftsmanship"
And the gold remained Gold: "Composition"

The exhibit will be running for the whole week at Shang-Ri La Mall Ortigas, please do visit how Fashion Stylists will try to save the world!!! hahaha! as fucking if they're interested...

Art 4 All,


  1. I didn't get who won? Which one is it?

    But your creation is awesome! (Not because we love each other).

    I can't wait for you to make it big outside the Phils!

    Ika nga ng mga Yaviz, bungga!

  2. that was Diether as Godfather. maganda, tahimik yung picture...

    fyi, had to take 4 Vs' to make those hands. lolz

    Miss you, super.

  3. Lotho!!, I called you uberstylist in my blog, should have been SILVERstylist yea? GANDAH! haha. Hay nako, the position has yet to be defined here sist. But malapit na... Congrats again! *Clap, clap, clap*

  4. inspiring shit! :D proud of everyone especially you lotho. and including everyone else (even those i don't know)