USTe.TV is the INTERACTIVE website for ALL Thomasians to build up for the

"USTe.TV" stands for "UST Electronic Thomasian Village" which serves as the virtual village to unite and connect all Thomasians worldwide as we gear up for our alma mater's 400th birthday!

This is the website that we will use to attract and invite the 200,000 living UST Alumni scattered all over the world.

The big goal is to reach a membership base of at least 100,000 Thomasians living all over the globe as well as fill ALL of the UST Campus with USTenians during the 400th birthday celebrations on January 28, 2011.

Kaya join na lang kayong lahat and invite your UST classmates, batchmates, seatmates, and cheatmates, etc., etc...

Let's lead the way in getting ALL THOMASIANS together in one ONLINE interactive community....
...parang virtual hang out or tambayan ng lahat ng mga taga-USTe!

Anyone who went through the portals of UST from Elementary, High School, College, Medicine, Graduate School etc...are welcome to join us NOW at


The more THOMASIANS you invite and join to beta-test it, the better so please FORWARD THIS MESSAGE to every USTe-nian (Thomasian) you know...

Mabuhay ang USTe!

Joel Christopher Remandaban
USTe.TV Master Creator

UST Hymn

God of all Nations
Merciful Lord of our Restless Being
Sweep with your Golden Lilies
This Fountain of Purest Light

Trace with the Sails of the Galleons
The Dream Beyond our Seeing
Touch with the Flames of your Kindness
The Gloom of our Darkest Night

Keep us in Beauty
And Truth and Virtues Impassioned Embrace
Ever your Valiant Legions
Imbued with Unending Grace.

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