25 Random Things

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1. I'm ooooooooverly mapanglait, like its a talent :)

2. Chickenjoy will save the future.

3. I dye my hair as often as how many shows I'm doing, it helps me to always think of something new. :)

4. I meditate everyday, and Yoga helps me clear my head and gather my thoughts.

5. Whenever in doubt, play Madonna.

6. If I've to have a son, I'm gonna name him Lord Einstein.

7. I'm a wide reader. From Marvel comic books to The Teachings of Buddha. Amongst them all, The Little Prince is my diamond. I've a vast DVD collection - Wong Kar Wai is looove, and an enormous music as well - Kate Nash, Kate Nash, Kate Nash.

8. I'm so good, I'm bad.

9. I'm so bad, I'm good. :P

10. I love shopping, who knew it would turn out to be a great, great profession. ;)

11. I've a taste more expensive than your shoes.

12. I think I'm borderline. But then again, I think, who isn't.

13. I never missed a day to light an incense for Ivan.

14. Rhum 'n Raisin Ice Cream is Luxury.

15. There is nothing more fulfilling than having an advocacy, I think I've fairly done my share to the creed; "Art 4 All."

16. I am, as you are reading this, making History.

17. I stand by 4 beliefs; Lord, Love, Laughter, and Life.

18. As a leader, I stand by 3 missions; Educate, Entertain, Inspire.

19. I'm very, very gorgeous inside-out, so should everyone be. Never be vain about it, instead feel blessed for it. Remember, Humility is Divine.

20. I'm a man of the sun.

21. I'm very good with Mahjong. Now there's a Mahjong Tour which I just saw on cable, I'd like to consider it once more!

22. I am so thankful with my mom, for getting me a Chinese Father. Hahaha! Bloody definitely helps close the deals! ;) Thanks Mom, melabshyu! ;)

23. I'm real.

24. I have the power to stop time.

25. Marriage...and I'm smokin now. ;p

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