Without you, Itslikecircus.

location: Yoga Mat
music: M.I.A.

Without you, Ivan,
We're gonna keep on getting better than ever,
for without you Ivan,
Forever has just begun.

Destruction had to leave, for Creation is its own persona.
Delight, will be Delirium, spreading better colors.
Desire, Despair, Desire...
Dream shall live as Daniel,
Destiny will continue to live and tell the tales,
And Death, will last The Endless.

Without you Ivan,
I asked The Sun,
Staring back at me,
What am I to do...
What have we to do?

Without you Ivan,
Our Sigil had shun,
For without you Ivan....
For without you Ivan.

Auld lang Syne, Ivan.
As You and Him will guide us,
In this many, many years to come,
Stand tall as a foundation living in all of us.

Moets' will be served in thy Peace,
Toast to us, and all of us.
For wherever Destruction had ended,
Creation was its birth.

Love continue to rain,
Sun forever bright shine.
Stars light paths as the flawed Moon be our lamps.
For Eternity, For Eternity......


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