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Entry inspired by IRIS: A Memoir

The Importance of Education:
“Education doesn’t make you happy, and nor does Freedom.
We don’t become happy just because we’re free, if we are, or because we’ve been educated, if we have.
But because Education maybe the means by which we realize we are happy.
It opens our eyes, our ears...tells us where delights are lurking...convinces us that there is only one freedom of any importance whatsoever – that of the mind – and gives us the assurance, the confidence, to walk the path our mind – our educated mind – offers.”
-Dame Iris Murdoch (Academy Award Winner Judy Dench)

My usual spot, having an orange juice, a baguette, and more than too many Marlboro reds. My first meal of the day actually...Don’t get me wrong, I was awake by 11am, I just don’t have an appetite to eat at all, because my flu has gotten severe, and my body has shut down, like a credit card maxed out to the dime. I.E. I am maxed out. Totally from working hard, partying harder, and praying best. And like this person I am, I just have this ability to see things in a different light. I was maxed out, because there is a need to...

“If you think about it, you’ll never find it. Best thing to do is hang-on and trust the body. I do.”
-Young Iris Murdoch(Academy Award Winner Kate Winslet)

I’ve played Poker well, and I had my share. Life has been nothing but all giving and I am super grateful. I’ve got what I want. And now, I’m getting what I need, a Slap, a Punch, a Hadouken and a good old rest, and God knows, till he ain’t gonna give me any flu or sorts, I ain’t gonna have a break. I’m stubborn, and I will really keep on going. Time I give up, I’ll have my share of break...

“{Patrick O’Brian} – Between two evils, always choose the one you haven’t tried before.”
-Dame Iris Murdoch (Academy Award Winner Judy Dench)

Get well soon.

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