Thank You Mr. Steven Doloso

Make - up Artist: Steven Doloso
fun fact: I've always known his works were always sharp looking and sleek finish. Defined.

Steven Doloso for Christina Garcia; Rouge Magazine
fun fact: I didn't like her hairstyle at the 2nd episode of Philippines Project Runway. yeah, t'was a different take, and it was also "So-so..."

Bench 2007 Campaign
fun fact: I thought this campaign was real, real gorgeous. Na - achieve.

It's not every night when you are lavished with cunning sweet words, and it actuaaly made my night. Thank you...

"You're every faggots' dream, and you are Fashion's Favorite Nightmare. You have made it, and that's the truth, you are Lotho, Congratulations."

- Ace Make-up Artist, Steven Doloso
Bed Bar, Malate, 2:00am
Mood: Both drunk.
Reaction: Wow.

I heart you Steven.

Humbled, and overwhelmed,

Jasmine Maierhofer; HUMAN Campaign
Noel Manapat + Sara Black


  1. HI! would you know how to contact him? Interested in getting him to do my make-up. Thank you. You may email me at thank you very much.

  2. hi, can i please ask for the contact number of Steven Deloso? you may email me at