Fashionably Loud: KATE TORRALBA

Everybody knows Kate Torralba.

Like everybody. Rumor has it, she's size 0, she's got a shop at greenbelt, she jet sets the world like its Divisoria, and Cebu seems like a tricycle ride away from her. Her designs are always associated to be Pop, has some Members Only as her clientèle, to some, hate is as much love, but hey, its natural that you can't please everybody, to begin with, objectively, cliche as it is, all of these art/fashion flows nonchalantly with her as if like breathing. so long as you love whatever you wanna do, ok na yun! :) It's a love/hate relationship when it comes to her art...So, is everybody else's...

Yet as for Lotho, it's a different thing. He understands Kate's pride and joy in her art, it's all about passion...Much may think she shouts colors, indeed, she does. I'd characterize her aesthetic more to describe further, it is Delight+Delirium. (To those familiar with Neil Gaiman's Sandman, you'd get what I'm saying). I wish I was there during the time she performed Tori Amos, She is passionate with her craftsmanship, be it fashion and music. Seen her sing? Amazingly Sick/Beautiful. Envy for her passion, jealous of her talent, and much love to my Baclaran mate, Kate Torralba...(btw, she was wearing a see-thru lace top when we went there, loves it.)

Videos courtesy of Strangenchanted@Youtube. (Tnx!)

Kate Torralba @ Mag:Net performing Black Hole Sun

Kate Torralba @ Mag:Net High Street performing Teardrop

...and my favorite of 'em all, Good Times!!!


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